Etiquette Consultant India - Dining and table manners

“Dining etiquette and table manners is not only about using fork and knife and saying please and thank you, it is also about conversations, considerations, tolerance, feelings, and just about all other accomplishments of a polite society.”

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For Men and Women

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“He talks so loudly, the clients will run away”.

“Why did she bring up religion,  it was not necessary? “

“He eats like an animal, don’t I think want to meet him again for lunch”.

Her behavior makes others feel uncomfortable around her at lunch.”

Hence dining etiquette goes far beyond knowing which fork to use with which course. It’s also about how you make people feel when you are with them. Its about building long lasting relationship and understanding various rules that enhance ones personal and professional success.

Most business deals get closed before meals. Job interviews may get done over breakfast as it gives an insight to the interviewer as to how person conducts themselves during dining, it provides an insight into the present personality.

Whether entertaining clients or guests at home or having a 5 course meal at a restaurant, all requires knowing In’s and Outs of dining etiquette and understanding why knowing what to do, still matters.

This workshop can be completely customized according to the client’s needs. It is a half day workshop with practical dining experience of a 5-course meal.

Who is this for

New graduates, students travelling abroad, business owners, company managers, employees, individuals who entertain a lot.

What you’ll learn.

4 hours

Tailored for you



For Men and Women