Mastering Aura of Elegance through etiquette

“Elegance is not being noticed, its about being remembered”.

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To be elegant one has to embody and express etiquette, social grace, poise and confidence. Mastering etiquette opens a whole new world of opportunities. So elegance is not one thing that an individual does, it is an overall way of being.

You may be an individual who may want to approach social situations with confidence, but don’t know how to. You find yourself tongue-tied when you meet new people, as you don’t know how to begin a conversation. Making friends may be difficult for you. Dining in formal setting overwhelms you and you like to know more about the various cutlery or table setting. You get intimidated by the other person as you always feel over or underdressed or you body language and posture lets you down. You wonder what went wrong in the interview or why did you fail to impress your first date.

With mastering aura of elegance program, we aim to equip you with necessary skills and knowledge, that is completely life enhansing and will make your confidence and elegance shine.


Who is this for:

Our private one on one or group sessions provide a final edge to students, graduates, home makers, job seekers, marriageable age individuals or any person who wants to raise their bar in confidence and classiness.

What you will learn:

Social Etiquette

Gifting Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Looking put together

4 hours

Tailored for you



For Men and Women