Certified Image consultant I Personal Counsellor I Master NLP practitioner

Shalini Baheti

Hi! I’m Shalini Baheti, Founder and Chief Consultant at Image Confidante. I am a certified image consultant from India’s top two premiere institutes, and also hold international certification through the Indian School of Management accredited by AICI Global, and British School of Etiquette London. I’m also a personal counselor and a Master NLP practitioner.

I’m passionate about bringing change and adding value to people’s lives, lifting their confidence through positive thinking, enhancing their self-image and aligning it with their appearance, behavior, and communication, so that they are congruent to who they are inside out.
You are your OWN personal brand and hence, worth an “investment”. Your personal image plays an important role in gaining self-confidence and changing how others perceive you.

Reflecting on how I became an Image Consultant and Master NLP therapist, I realize that many of my life experiences have led me to where I am today.

A graduate in home science, I began studying CFA further – ending up not really finding my calling. I then decided to take on personal counseling and fell in love with the subject! My curiosity about understanding the workings of the brain led me to study Neurolinguistic Programming.

At the same time, my love for fashion and style led me to open my own clothing boutique. Dealing with a large number of clients and their perceived issues led me to explore image consultancy as a career.

As an entrepreneur, I have spent over ten years working with people from different walks of life. Now, as an Image Consultant and NLP practitioner, I have taken a number of workshops with various organizations and conducted several individual client consultations. The feedback and happiness I see on my clients’ faces keeps me motivated and further fuels my passion!

Shalini Baheti

Founder and Chief Consultant