How to be a more stylish "you"

“Fashion is a trend 

Style lives within a person”.

– Oscar de La Renta

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“I love the outfit worn by the model on Instagram, so I ordered it. Why does it looks so drab on me?” 

“My friends looks so well put together, wonder how they do it.”

“Getting dressed for me is always so stressful, I always end up feeling over or under dressed for occasions.” 

“Every time I go on a date, I just cant keep to seem the guy interested in me.”

“My wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, but I have nothing to wear.”

Does any of the above resonate with you? or some other concern specific to you?

Lets understand why this happens –

Style is a form of self – expression and very different from fashion. An individual’s style is influenced by years of watching friends, family, actors, models and so on, incorporating their style, picking and choosing as to what one likes and creating ones own unique style. 

But this can be confusing and may lead to many questions as dressing in someone else’s style may not be true to who we are. It may not agree with our personality and may make us feel totally selfconscious in our social or professional roles and goals in life.

For example – if we come across a model wearing a very frilly dress looking delicate and pretty in it, we order the same dress and when we try it on, it just does not feel right. “So what went wrong here?”

To understand this, we need to first understand our own personal style that resonates with our authentic self, and knowing that what we invest in would look good on us and help us appear more attractive, stylish, confident and put together.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, do connect with us to know whether this one on one program is for you.

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4 hours

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